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This website is a bit of a mess I know! I’m hoping that I will soon enough find the time and energy to finish writing all the most important missing pages and better organize and present all those that are already online. In the meantime, if you’re looking for something particular, hopefully you will find it here.

Note: When I had the mention “(Complements)” in front of a link(s), it means that this or those particular pages are meant to be complements to the page right above. Those “sub-pages” are often though not always optional and non essential.

Memory related pages

(Possibly) Important links to other web sites:

  • If you want to prepare for a CMSA event as quickly as possible, you can do so by reading this article about basic competition strategies. The CMSA is a small volunteer-led organization based in Canada organizing memory and mental math in-person competitions and online “honorary challenges”. Those “honorary challenges” are free and unofficial. Their main goal is to provide a simple way for anyone around the world to motivate him or herself to develop or improve their skills.
  • If you already know most of what you need to know and you’re in the mood for training, just use one of those sample disciplines and training tools.
  • If you’re not a fan of this particular website and you’d prefer to learn about the art of memory using some other resource – or if you’re some kind of information junky – here are plenty of recommended websites, books and training websites.
  • Do you speak French? My instructional website is much more complete than this one.
  • Although it’s usually better to use places you’ve visited in person, I will sometimes use Matterport or Google street view to build some new memory palaces.
  • I of course use Anki for long-term retention of all kinds of facts

Most important memory related pages:

The main The Art of Memory page

If your ambitions are limited and you only want to become a little more efficient with most of the memory-related tasks you have to deal with, you can choose to ignore the rest of this page and only read this article explaining some Memorization 101 strategies.

5–day training program (+ links to Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4 or Day 5.) 

Everything you should know about the “basic training” step of your learning process

How to create more memorable images and deal with difficulties and improve your skills

How to build a memory palace for training

How to memorize a list of words

How to improve a little faster

The story method, direct associations and other alternatives and complements to memory palaces

Everything you need to know about numbers and cards

Some bullet-points for exams or learning projects

Less important memory related pages:

Why you should (probably) learn to use the art of memory

The different “types” of memory

Other pages about learning and other skills

The front page of this website

Learn any skill

Learn to juggle

Learn mental math

Learn cubing