If you’re new to this subject, first I recommend that you check out this great 4-minute video to understand what cubing is all about.

“The biggest misconception about cubing is that it’s difficult, which it really isn’t”, says the record holder being interviewed. It may be difficult at first, but so is tying your shoelaces. More advanced methods take much longer to master, but just solving the cube, while it can take a little while, may very well be one of the easiest difficult-looking skills in the world. You should learn to solve the damn thing and be proud of your accomplishment, but you should also know that it certainly doesn’t mean that you’re smarter than anyone else.

You can use any of those links to learn the beginner’s method. That method can be learned quickly and it’s really all you need if you just want to be able to solve the damn thing.

Those pages already include plenty of helpful links for those who want to go deeper. I’m not going to try to outdo or reproduce the great work that they have done.

Here are 3 videos you might want to check out even if you haven’t yet bothered to learn the 3×3.

If you’ve learned the art of memory and you know how to memorize numbers, why not convert cubing notations into numbers to help you learn all the different algorithms faster?